Community Engagement

Our Policy

We believe in contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We do this by contributing to the local economy through our business operations, and through locally relevant community involvement projects. We encourage our business operations to engage in and support their local communities. Many of our projects are initiated by Autoliv employees who are passionate about their communities and include a wide range of community giving and volunteering activities.

Road Safety Awareness & Education

Autoliv participates in road safety awareness education in our local communities. We do so through country-wide initiatives such as the Annual China Road Safety Roadshow and local, community-initiated events.

In addition to road safety education, several Autoliv facilities host and participate in various education programs凯发登录 for employees and the community. Several of our facilities have developed or sponsored programs with the aim of introducing local children to technology by inviting students into facilities to peak their interest in pursuing studies in math & science and inspire them to one day pursue a career in a technical field. Vocational training in communities where we operate enables Autoliv to train future employees for our operations and allows local people to acquire new skills. For example, training in sewing and leather wrapping is commonplace in many countries. We also frequently collaborate with institutions for higher education.

Together with other leading Swedish industries, we are part of Pratham Sweden. The objective of the 2017-2020 program is to ensure that 30,000 children in the targeted state of Assam, India, are given an effective education that promotes the children’s development as well as building capabilities and skills that will be useful in later life.
Pratham hopes to give every child the chance to go to school and learn.