凯发登录Autoliv’s Sustainability Program is managed within a well-defined governance structure, through clearly established ownership and responsibilities at multiple levels in the organization.

凯发登录The ultimate oversight for the Company’s sustainability activities lies with the Board of Directors. The Board sets the direction for the sustainability activities and monitors progress through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. The Board also annually reviews the Sustainability Report disclosures.

Implementation responsibility for sustainability lies with the Executive Management Team. The Executive Management Team has appointed a Sustainability Board charged with providing direction and oversight. The Sustainability Board reviews and approves the annual and long-term plans for key categories and subcategories and monitors the implementation. They also involve individual Executive Management Team members as required for new projects and initiatives.

Day-to-day sustainability work and integration of sustainability into Autoliv’s business is led by the Vice President Sustainability, who reports to the Executive Vice President HR, Sustainability and Communications.

凯发登录Everyday sustainability topics are managed, as appropriate, by the Group sustainability function, category owners, business segments, other group functions and topic experts. Ultimate responsibility for the execution lies with the respective line and functional managers.


Our sustainability work is guided by Autoliv's Code of Conduct and supporting policies.