Research Advisory Board

In the Autoliv Research Advisory Board, distinguished members exchange ideas, theories and insights from their respective fields on an ongoing basis. This results in academic progress as well as new products and strategies for the automotive safety market.

For instance, the idea that morphed into the ground-breaking innovations of side airbags and inflatable curtains was a direct result of an idea sprung from a meeting of Autoliv’s very first Advisory Board, back in 1984.

Autoliv Research Advisory Board

The board consists of eight members with deep insights in technical development and research, ranging from biomechanics to autonomous driving.

  • Mikael Bratt - President and CEO of Autoliv.
  • Jordi Lombarte - Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Autoliv.
  • Cecilia Sunnevång - Vice President Research, Autoliv.
  • Scott Dershem - Vice President Development, Autoliv.
  • John Bolte IV – Professor at The Ohio State University and Director of the Injury Biomechanics Research Center (IBRC).
  • Jan Olsson - MSc Mechanical Engineering. Vice President Engineering (1997-2005) and Research (2005-2014), Autoliv. Chairman for the program Traffic Safety and Autonomous Vehicles, at FFI. Strategic vehicle research and innovation (FFI) is a partnership program run jointly by the Swedish state and Swedish automotive industry. The program finances research, innovation and development related to the environment and safety.
  • Maria Segui-Gomez – Full Professor in Public Health in Spain, Adjunct Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health. Visiting Professor at University of Virginia School of Medicine. MD, MPH, MSc and ScD graduate from both University of Barcelona School of Medicine (1991 & 1993) and the Harvard University School of Public Health (1995 & 1999).
  • Tomiji Sugimoto - Formerly Vice President of the automotive technology research division at Honda R&D Americas and Executive Chief Engineer at Honda Automotive R&D Center, and recognized Fellow by SAE International.