Strong portfolio

Autoliv has pioneered automotive safety for more than 65 years, including several world firsts in seatbelts and airbags. The current product portfolio is broad and strong, with continuous improvements.

Autoliv plays an active role in reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries. The company’s work in the area is based on databases of real traffic accidents and injuries as well as numerous crash tests, trials, simulations and the vast expertise gathered by its specialists over many years.

Global footprint

凯发登录Autoliv has customer technical centers in all important markets and 5,700 people in research development and application engineering (RD&E) (2019). Customers are supported by Autoliv’s technical centers and manufacturing facilities located close to their assembly plants in North America, Western Europe and Asia.

Our Research is focused on looking ahead to future opportunities

凯发登录Our corporate development projects are assigned to our leading technical centers in China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and the U.S.

Our application engineering projects are completed at our technical centers located in close proximity to customers and in close cooperation with the manufacturing units. The vast majority of Autoliv’s RD&E projects focus on application engineering to support the development of new vehicle models.