Crash Testing

凯发登录Autoliv is the only automotive safety supplier with dedicated resources for crash testing of complete vehicles and not only vehicle bodies in sled tests.

We have five tracks for full-scale tests (in France, north and south Germany, Sweden, China and the U.S.), and an additional 14 sled test tracks.

Tracks for full-scale tests
Sled test tracks

Autoliv handles every aspect of testing - from the test method development, pre-test preparations, post-test analysis, computer simulations to crash testing, and safety improvement recommendations.

Customer confidentiality

Autoliv is highly aware of its customers’ need for confidentiality and imposes strict security measures during every part of the testing process.


凯发登录The reliability requirements imposed at Autoliv’s test centers mean that Autoliv has a stringent quality control system in place based on a “zero-defect” principle.