Business Ethics and Integrity

Our code of Conduct

At Autoliv, the Code of Conduct is the foundation for business ethics and integrity. The Code of Conduct supplements sound judgment and assists us in performing our work in an ethical and lawful manner. We publish the Code of Conduct in 19 languages and make it available to all employees, consultants and contractors.

Standard of Business Conduct and Ethics

Promoting Ethical Behavior

Autoliv’s Board of Directors, in particular the Risk and Compliance Committee, has the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the Compliance Program. Each member of Autoliv’s business leadership is responsible for ensuring that, within their respective organizations, employees have an understanding of the Code of Conduct and taking the steps necessary to ensure compliance. Each employee is responsible for acquiring a sufficient understanding of the Code of Conduct and related company policies in order to recognize situations which may not comply with the Code of Conduct and related company policies.

凯发登录Annually, all employees at the managerial level and higher submit Code of Conduct certifications electronically in our compliance system. The certification requires the disclosure of known violations of the Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics. We also require a conflict of interest disclosure to be submitted by targeted individuals and anyone with an actual, potential or apparent conflict of interest.

A critical aspect of our Compliance Program is education. We have implemented eLearning programs in the following areas: Code of Conduct; Non-Retaliation; Competing Fairly; Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery; Respect in the Workplace: Diversity, Discrimination and Harassment; Conflicts of Interest; Insider Trading, Data Protection, Information Security and Fraud Awareness.

Speaking up

We encourage and empower employees to “raise their hands” by reporting concerning behavior or breach of our Code to managers, human resources, legal, compliance or to the Autoliv Helpline, a confidential multilingual whistleblower service operated by a third party. We ensure that no employee will be adversely affected for reporting in good faith or for refusing to carry out a directive believed to constitute fraud or a violation of the Code, laws, or regulations.

Autoliv Helpline is available here.