Market Overview

凯发登录Autoliv increases traffic safety by selling automotive safety systems to virtually every vehicle manufacturer in the world.


The automotive safety market is driven by two fundamental factors: light vehicle production (LVP) and content per vehicle (CPV). 


LVP has increased at an average annual growth rate of 2.2% since 1997. Our base scenario is for an average LVP growth of 1-2% per year over the next three to five year period. The majority of the growth is expected to take place in Asia. This is lower than the historical growth rate, partly due to new regulations regarding emissions particularly in Europe.


凯发登录A global development towards increased safety standards with stricter regulations and increasingly stringent rating frameworks is a strong driver of safety content in vehicles. Other drivers are the premium vehicle trend and the increasing focus on safety in emerging markets. By continuously researching, developing and introducing new technologies with higher value added features, Autoliv can influence safety content per vehicle. As a result of the increasing average CPV, the automotive safety market has outgrown LVP historically and we expect that trend to continue. Our steady flow of new technologies, strong track record of quality and reliability has also enabled us to further outpace the market and increase our market shares in all product areas and regions.