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Introducing Safety Score by Autoliv

More than just a score

凯发登录Keeping score is at the heart of competition. It’s how we measure success. Safety Score by Autoliv uses your smartphone to help you become a safer driver. It monitors in real-time acceleration, speed, braking, turning and phone use and compares it against Autoliv’s proprietary data algorithms and known causes of accidents and gives you a personal safe driving score. You can then review your data and learn ways to raise your score, change your habits and become a safer driver.

The problem to solve
1.35 million
people die in road crashes worldwide each year according to the World Health Organization.
Distracted drivers are 4 times more likely to be involved in crashes than those who are focused on driving.
of accidents are caused by preventable driver behavior.
1 in 3
traffic fatalities worldwide are caused by excessive or inappropriate speed.
The Autoliv Difference

Autoliv's vision of Saving More Lives guides everything we do. We conduct over 600 crash tests annually and we have been collecting and analyzing traffic accident data since the beginning. Safety Score harnesses all of this data along with your personal driving data and runs it through a series of algorithms and predictive metrics to give you a 3-digit safety score. Included is a framework of coaching that enables drivers of any age to understand where they need to get better in order to be more safe, and
how this progresses over time, creating an incentive for change – all part of the solution out of the box.

Driving behavior

凯发登录Characteristics showing everyday behavior. 

  • Focused driving
  • Safer driving
  • Smooth driving
  • Turns

The environment in which someone is driving as an influence of safe driving.

  • Type of weather
  • Type of roads driven on
  • Time of day driven
  • Trip duration

Consistency of key elements over time.

  • Use of mobile or focused driving over time
  • Number of turns and especially left turns over time
  • And many more
Areas of safe driving

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Some find it being a necessity to speed to get to places quick, forgetting why speed limits
are put up in the first place.


Smooth driving

Abrupt velocity and direction changes in the vehicle, such as hard accelerations /decelerations and/or rapid steering, are considered to be out of the ordinary and lead to erratic or aggressive driving,
causing uncertainties in traffic.

Counteracting distraction .PNG


凯发登录Driver mistakes when turning left is by far more often the accident cause then turning right.


Counteracting distraction

In accident data, there are neither commonly agreed-upon definitions for distraction nor is it easy to measure and document distraction
凯发登录 after a crash occurred.

The use case

Usage-based Insurance

The road hero that saves lives by safe driving.

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The driver that excels

凯发登录Ride-hailing, taxi, limousine and other fleet and professional driving companies know the difference safe drivers can have on their overall business. Safety Score provides a detailed and objective view of a user’s safe-driving habits and provides a platform for evaluating, improving and incentivizing safe driver behavior.

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Enabling safety in shared mobility

凯发登录With the car standing still 95% of the time, sharing becomes a way of utilizing the car better as well as saving the environment. Sharing is caring and Safety Score by Autoliv gives a measure of objectivity in sharing platforms, allowing people to have confidence in people they never have met before, and in sharing their car with them.

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凯发登录Safety Score is a long term research and with every new finding, more factors are added to Safety Score, making it a dynamic definition for safe driving, resonating with the changes of societies and our traffic situations.

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Join us in the work of saving more lives through Safety Score


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